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Moscow GeneratorsThere’s no better way to be prepared for a power outage than to have a generator installed for your home. There are many sizes available including our favorite, the whole-house generators. These units provide everything you need to have uninterrupted power for your home.

Moscow Generators are a great idea for power failures. At minimum, being able to use a few lights, cook, have hot water for bathing and cleaning, and have heating or air conditioning during seasonal temperatures is important.

The larger the unit is, the more power you’re getting. If you opt for a small unit, be careful because it may not suit your needs. At Cheetah Electric, we’ll be happy to come out and discuss your generator needs if you’d like to go ahead with this type of home improvement project. Give our Moscow Electrician a call.


Key Features of Generators

There are many different models of generators with different features. A whole-house generator will have several things in common across manufacturers. These key features are what you’ll count on during a time when you need electrical power, which is why you need to make your decision about what type of unit to get with as much information as possible.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch – This feature turns the unit on when it detects a power failure. The unit will turn on within literally seconds of a power outage. If there was only a drop in voltage due to fluctuation, the house will still be protected and served with uninterrupted power by this feature.
  • Automatic Shut Off – Your whole-house generator will turn itself off automatically as well. You won’t need to turn the unit off manually when your power is restored. With this and the automatic transfer switch, you’ll always be able to count on having uninterrupted power with the least hassle.
  • Whole-House Generators – Size matters when it comes to the generator that will serve your home’s power needs. A whole-house unit is about the same size as an Air Conditioner Condensing Unit (the outdoor unit that sits on a small slab). This means it won’t take away the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Generator Power Emergency Disconnect – Whole-Home Generators are fitted with an emergency switch located near the unit that allows you to manually disconnect the generator power from the main power system of the home.


Professional Generator Repairs & Installations

At Cheetah Electric, our years of experience as electricians have afforded us the ability to install or repair your generators. You’ll need the experience of our electricians to determine what size generator will be appropriate for your needs.

Homes vary in size and how you plan to use the generator will determine what type of unit you need to install. We’ll also be able to tell you where on your property the generator should be housed.

We have many options for you to choose from, but will always recommend a whole-house generator to stand in when you need the power during an outage. In this way, you’ll have uninterrupted power all day and all night when a power outage occurs.

We are a full service electrical repair and installation company, which means with Cheetah Electric, you’ll always have skilled electricians to handle your generator repairs. Whether you need to repair or replace your generator, you can count on our experts to be able to help you when you need it.


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