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Your Dependable Electrician in Genesee

Genesee ElectricianGenesee, ID is a beautiful place to live. But like all areas of the country, from time to time we go through power failures and other issues that cause us to need electrical services.

As the Palouse Region’s premier Electrician, we offer our services to the Genesee area and many other cities in the region. Well known as the go-to Genesee Electrician, our company has served the area for over 26 years with expertise. Whether your home needs and electrical upgrade or repairs, give Cheetah Electric a call and let us know how we can serve you!

Electrical Contractor in Genesee

Are you a residential homeowner who needs a ceiling fan or more lighting installed for your home? Or do you have an older home that needs to be brought up to the latest safety standards? If so, we can assist you with your installations, repairs, emergency electrical services, and more. Just give us a call and we’ll assist you with the best electricians in the Genesee area!


Commercial Electrical Contractor in Genesee

If you own a commercial business, you’ve probably gone through times where you needed an electrician but haven’t had the best of service. As a commercial building owner, you already know how extensive and complicated the electrical systems are.

The more equipment your business needs to run, the more power and components you require. But it can be difficult to develop a relationship with qualified electrical contractors so you can have their services when you need them for repairs, installations, and more.

You’ll have a ready team of expert electricians at your side any time you need them for your projects when you count on Cheetah Electric. Let ourĀ commercial electrical services know your needs and how we can serve your business.


Generators in Genesee

Power outage emergencies are no time to be thinking you wish you had a generator. Think ahead and consider what your business or family would do if your power went out for any considerable length of time.

Home generators can be installed to take care of your power needs when you have an outage. Differences in sizes provide varying amounts of electricity. We can evaluate your building or home and help you choose the right generator that will give you uninterrupted power whenever you need it.


Emergency Electrical Services in Genesee

When you need an emergency electrician, your best bet is to call on our professionals here at Cheetah Electric. We are fully trained, licensed, and insured professional electrical contractors who serve the Genesee area. Any time you need help with your electrical system, our emergency electrical services will be there for you in clean uniforms and fully stocked trucks with all the latest equipment.

If you are looking for a Genesee Electrician then please call 208-883-1099 or complete our online request form.


Genesee, ID

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