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Electrical Code Compliance for your Moscow Home

Moscow Code ComplianceThe electrical systems in your home needs to comply with local code authority regulations. These codes are set forth for homeowners and commercial property owners for safety reasons. We all want your home to be safe, and ensuring your wiring is up to standard means that your electrical systems meet the minimum requirements for safety. Your Moscow Electrician can help keep your home safe from code violations.

Code Compliance requires contractors who install or repair electrical systems to use materials or equipment for your home that isn’t considered dangerous. For instance, it’s dangerous to have a regular outlet near any type of water source. Only special outlets should be installed in those locations that will interrupt the power to anything plugged in so electricity doesn’t travel down it and into you or on the wet surface you may be standing on or touching. At Cheetah Electric, we uphold the codes and correct violations to keep your family safe.

Why Hire A Professional Electrician

Some electricians who are less than professional will try to avoid meeting code standards. When that happens, the homeowners suffer because they’re living in a home that could hurt them or destroy everything they own.

Old wiring in old homes is the most dangerous scenario there is for electrical systems. When people move into an older home, they should always have an electrical safety inspection done prior to moving in. I may make a huge difference for you if you know the home will have to be brought up to date.

If you’re already living in an older home, it probably means that your electrical power systems aren’t going to meet with current codes. Old tube & knob wiring, aluminum wiring, non-compliant outlets, and more can be hazards just waiting to burn down your house or send sparks flying at you.

Your home may have been built prior to the current code standards. Or, you may have had electrical repairs done before by those claiming to be professional yet didn’t know the codes or didn’t bother to comply with them.

In either case, the wiring and electrical systems in your home may be dangerous. The electrical inspection will always include code compliance assessments that will advise you of whether or not your electrical systems are safe and comply with local codes.

Why Choose Cheetah Electric

If we find during your inspection that your home’s electrical wiring, panel, outlets, or other components don’t meet local code requirements, we can help you get it brought up to code. Just give us a call at the number below if you have any questions about our Electrical Safety Inspections.


Our Moscow Code Compliance Provides These Detailed Services

  • Code Compliance
  • Electrical Codes
  • Electrical Code & Standards
  • Electrical Code
  • NEC Electrical Code
  • National Electric Safety Code
  • National Electrical Codes
  • National Electric Code
  • Electrical Wiring Codes
  • Residential Electrical Code
  • Code Compliance in Moscow
  • Moscow Code Compliance


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