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Simplified Fire Safety With Ting

Ting ProtectionIf you want an easier way to ensure your Moscow home is safe from the threat of electrical fires, then Ting fire safety software might be the solution you need. Cheetah Electric is proud to be a seller of Ting, an outlet plug-in that detects and alerts you to the precursors of electrical fires. With an easy-to-use app for your smartphone, you can stay in the know about your home’s electrical system 24 hours a day.

Fire safety doesn’t have to be complicated– when you work with an electrician like Cheetah Electric to get a Ting sensor installed in your home, you’re getting a proactive, preventative, and simple solution to residential fire safety. You’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime hardware warranty as well as a $1,000 service credit for electrical fire hazard remediation. Try Ting risk-free with Cheetah Electric and get a 30-day money-back guarantee! We know you’ll love the easy set-up, smart technology, and quality installation that you’ll receive when you choose Ting as your fire safety software in Moscow.

Why Use Ting?

Our country has the most technologically advanced electrical safety codes in the world, yet electrical fires are still the most common type of fire starting in American homes– up to 50,000 a year. This is because electrical fires start from within your home, hidden behind outlets and panels. They originate from wiring faults or even from plugged-in devices like lamps or toasters. And, no matter how old or new your home is, the precursors to electrical fires can start in silence and with no warning. Ting’s software was developed with all of these things in mind and was built to alert you to the warning signs of an electrical fire before they can develop into something that could damage your home, or worse, hurt you and your family.

Ting is an all-day, every-day health tracker for your home’s electrical system. Its state-of-the-art technology assesses your home’s system 30 million times a second, meaning you’ll never go without knowing exactly what’s going on behind your walls. Multiple things can lead to an electrical fire in your home, such as age, material degradation, prior damage, and more. Ting picks up even the slightest of these signs and lets you know so that you can address the issue quickly and protect your home.

Electrical Safety Starts With The Pros

Here at Cheetah Electric, it’s our goal to help you promote the safest environment possible when it comes to your Moscow home’s electrical system. From panel upgrades and surge protection to products like Ting, we want you to be equipped with the knowledge and power you need to keep your home safe and sound. Give us a call for any of your electrical needs in Moscow, and the team at Cheetah Electric will provide the highest quality results.

If you’re looking for simple fire safety, contact the only Certified Ting Seller in the area today. Call us at 208-883-1099 of use our contact form.

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