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4 Common Electrical Mistakes DIYers & Inferior Electricians Make


There are many reasons electrical work should only be handled by trained and experienced professionals with an established history of reputable excellence. However, the main reason is safety. There’s no shortcut or cost-savings worth taking a risk with safety when it comes to electrical wiring.

It would be best if you had an electrician for any work you have done and one that’s worked hard to earn a positive reputation and glowing ratings. It’s not that much more expensive to do things the right way, and it could save a life – literally.

Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen In Your Home

You need new lighting, so you watch a video or two on YouTube and deem yourself qualified to install them yourself. It could work out for you, although the chances of you not running into problems down the road are slim. Worst case scenario, you end up seriously injured – or worse.
Even if you hire a cut-rate electrical contractor with a questionable work history, you may not know right away that something is wrong. But more than likely, they’ll leave a mess in their wake that you get to pay for dearly in the future. One of the most common issues home inspectors find when assessing is shoddy, outdated, or dangerous wiring work.
Inferior electrical work leads to problems like:

  • Overloaded Circuits
    Just because you have enough outlets to plug in your appliances doesn’t mean your system is set up to handle it all!
  • Lack of GFCI Outlets
    Although GFCI outlets are now required inside certain rooms in the home, they were initially mandatory only for outdoor locations, especially near swimming pools. However, GFCI outlets are now necessary for rooms where electrical and plumbing combine, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Improper Wires
    Trained professionals know things such as the appropriate gauge for the circuit’s amperage. Taking chances with whether or not you’re using the correct wiring or not is an unforgivable safety hazard.
  • Faulty Connections
    Loose connections or using the wrong type of connections can lead to severe problems. A trained electrician will know what needs to be used to meet safety codes and industry guidelines.

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