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Moscow Electrician

Commercial Lighting Upgrade in the Moscow, Pullman Area

If your business or commercial space has an outdated electrical lighting system, your utility bills are likely eating in to your profit margins more than they should be. At Cheetah Electric, we consider commercial lighting upgrades to be one of the easiest, most profitable investments for your business or commercial space. Call our Moscow Electrician and see if our Commercial Electrical Services are right for you.


Commercial Lighting Upgrade Features

  • Full replacement of an old lighting system with a new, high-efficiency one
  • Overhead lighting replacement
  • Ballast upgrade
  • Fixture replacement
  • Upgraded controls


Commercial Lighting Upgrade Benefits

These upgrades have become standard in new construction projects because of tighter energy codes. They are designed not only to create more environmentally friendly buildings and help business owners decrease energy usage and save on utility bills.

Compared to the electrical systems of older buildings, commercial lighting upgrades can generate an average payback period of approximately two years, with around a 45% return on investment, according to the Energy Cost Savings Council.

If you are looking for Moscow Commercial Electrical Services then please call 208-883-1099 or complete our online request form.

Moscow Electrician