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COVID-19 update. We are still open!

To all our valued customers, please continue to call our main office at 208-883-1099 You will hear a familiar voice as our office staff work from home taking calls as usual.

Your safety is our main concern and we are taking precautions that include wearing disposable gloves, disposable booties, face masks as well as disinfecting equipment, tools and surfaces.

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to serving you now as we navigate our way through this together and in the future.

Moscow Electrician

Lewiston Electrician

Lewiston-ElectricianWhen you need a qualified Lewiston electrician, come to the people who know best. Cheetah Electric has the reputation you want and the prices that you can afford on a number of electrical services. Don’t let your home’s electrical system dictate how your home will be ran. Take charge of it by calling us for repairs, installations and more!

The reason why many don’t call electricians for help is they think that whatever project or repair they need done will be an easy fix. Working with wires and electrical components isn’t something that you should do unless you have experience.

Lewiston Electrical Contractor

Newer homes don’t need as many electrical repairs that older homes do. Upgrades are necessary in older homes and to the panel boxes. Contact the Lewiston, ID electrical contractors for help with:

  • System interruptions
  • Flickering lights
  • Panel upgrades
  • Lighting installation

You can remain safe in your home with a electrical contractor by your side. Call Cheetah Electric today and meet with our experienced crew who can make all of your electrical problems go away for good.

Lewiston Generators

If you’ve been through a blackout before, you know what dangers awaited you. Being in total darkness can cause injury to family members, spoil your food, and take away your communication with the outside world.

A Lewiston home generator works completely opposite. It keeps the lights on, prevents your food from spoiling, and avoids injuries caused by complete darkness. The next time there is a major storm that knocks your lights out, you’ll be better prepared.

Generators have a stigma surrounding them that they have only been used in Rvs and other places where lighting is not always readily available. Today there is so much more that a generator is used for. Call us for more details.

Lewiston Emergency Services

As a homeowner, it’s your job to keep up with your home. When something happens, it is your responsibility to take care of those things. Problems with the electrical aspect of your home should never be ignored for many reasons.

If you’re sitting in your living room and all of a sudden you smell a burning scent, it’s time to call in the professional electricians from Cheetah Electric for emergency electrical services. No matter what time of the day it is, we’ll be there to help.

In order to get your skilled Lewiston electrician, you’re going to have to call Cheetah Electric. We come to you and are always on time and can work within your budget to get the things done to your home’s electrical systems that you need.


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If you are looking for a Lewiston Electrician then please call 208-883-1099 or complete our online request form.

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