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Julilaetta-ElectricianNot all electrical work is prone to homeowners. In fact, there’s more commercial electrical work that gets done than you know. When you need specialized electrical work done, call the highly acclaimed Juliaetta electricians at Cheetah Electric.

We take a different approach with our commercial customers. You will succeed when you have commercial electrical work done by us. We take full control of your electrical system and install things and update others in order to make it completely full proof.

If you’re working with the public or clientele, the last thing that you need are electrical problems. We can do all sorts of repairs and installations. Make the call today and let us take care of your transformer, wiring, lighting, or other.

We have worked on some big commercial jobs in our career and would like you to call us when you need a hand. We have worked on the electrical systems in retail spaces and also office buildings in your area.

Juliaetta Electrical Contractor

An electrical system should be safe. If it’s not, you need to call a Juliaetta electrical contractor for help. We can help in commercial and residential spaces. We can also help you any time of the day you need work done.

Don’t make excuses for why you don’t need an electrical contractor. Call ours and see. You will notice changes within your electrical system in no time at all. And, we’ll keep your home or office safe from all problems.

Juliaetta Generators

When your power goes out, does everyone scurry around the house trying to find a candle with a wick still in it and matches? Well you no longer have to do that now that you can have a home generator installed.

Home generators have been used for many years. They are used to restore lighting, keep the refrigerator running, and the TV on. Having communication with the outside world is very detrimental during a major catastrophe.

Juliaetta Emergency Services

Our electricians are dedicated to delivering emergency electrical services straight to your home. We’re trained and well prepared to handle all types of emergencies. We can solve your electrical problems in no time at all.

You never have to wait when it comes to our emergency electrical service. Just pick up your phone and call. No appointments are necessary. Your safety means more to us than anything else.

Cheetah Electric has some of the very best and most qualified Juliaetta, ID electricians. You can take advantage of them by calling and making an appointment. You won’t have to stress out any longer in regards to your electrical issues.


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