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Full Service Electrician in Harvard, ID

Electrician in Harvard, IDIf you live in Harvard, ID, perhaps you’ve heard of or seen our Cheetah Electric service company. We’ve helped many homeowners since 1978 bring their electrical systems up to date and up to code. We’ve also installed many new systems for under construction homes.

As a local electrical contractor company, we’ve gained a lot of experience over the years, and have built many quality relationships. We know all the local building codes so you’ll never have to worry about the work being below the set safety standards. We’re ready to go when it comes to making repairs, new installations, or replacements!

Whether you own a newer home or older, you may need or want additional lighting, upgrades to your panel to support more power usage, home additions that require a new added on system of wiring and components, or additional wiring needs for hot tub installment or other large appliances like central air conditioning systems.

Signs Your Harvard Home Electrical System Has Problems

If it weren’t for signs, many house fires will be caused by electrical systems that have gone unchecked for some time. But there are often signs that shouldn’t be ignored that you can watch for. Things like burning rubber or smoke smells, flickering lights that go on and off, breakers that continually break, popping sounds, sparking or electrical arcs, and more!

How Our Experienced Electrical Contractors Can Help You

Cheetah Electric has all the experience and all the tools we’ll need to take care of your electrical systems in your Harvard area home.

Whether you can see evidence of what’s causing your electrical problems or not, our electrical contractors are ready to go to find any hidden issues and uncover them for the repair. Our electricians are the best troubleshooters there are in the Moscow or Pullman area.

Harvard Electrical Repairs

When your home needs electrical repairs, you need to have them looked at right away because an electrical system that needs attention could be dangerous. Loose outlets or other seemingly small issues are the number one cause of household fires. Electrical problems can and do happen, so when you’re suspecting something is wrong, or you can directly see old wiring or loose outlets, be sure to call in our pros.

Electrical Inspections in Harvard

Our expert electrical inspections for the Harvard area will give you a thorough report on the condition of your home’s electrical systems and what you should expect from it in the terms of longevity and the continual ample supply of power.

Problems or not, inspections should be done at least every few years to ensure everything is still in great shape. Even in a year or so, wiring connections can come loose, so being sure your home’s wiring isn’t dangerous is always a good idea!

If you need a full service Electrician or Electrical Contractor in Harvard, please call 208-883-1099 or complete our online request form.


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