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Elk River, ID Full Service Electricians

Elk River ElectricianLiving in Elk River, you may have specific needs for electrical systems based on where your property sits and what type of land you have. If you’re a homeowner, your home may be older or newer but either way you’ll need an electrician at some point in time.

Our local electrical contractors at Cheetah Electric are available for your electrical repairs, electrical system inspections, new installations, and so much more! Since 1978, we’ve been helping your friends and neighbors in Elk River live in safe homes with more than sufficient electrical power.

Signs Your Elk River Home Electrical System Has Problems

Is your home exhibiting signs that there could be problems with your electrical systems? Have you noticed things like burning rubber or smoke smells, flickering lights that go on and off, breakers that continually break, popping sounds, sparking or electrical arcs? If so, you’ll want our services as soon as possible. We’re ready with either 24/7 emergency repairs or regularly scheduled services depending on what’s needed.

How Our Experienced Electrical Contractors Can Help You

As the local area’s favored electrical contractors, we’re experienced and able to help you with whatever electrical needs you may have. We’ve helped many homeowners in the area to update electrical systems in homes and repair wiring.

Plus, we’re very familiar with the local building codes so you’ll never have to worry about your electrical systems being below the standards. We know you expect and deserve high quality workmanship, and that’s what we’re here to give on every job, big or small.

Elk River Electrical Repairs

When your home needs repairs, you need to have them looked at right away because an electrical system that needs attention could be dangerous.  Loose outlets or other seemingly small issues are the number one cause of household fires.  Electrical problems can and do happen, so when you’re suspecting something is wrong, or you can directly see old wiring or loose outlets, be sure to call in our electrical repair specialists.

Electrical Inspections in Elk River

Professional electrical inspections can be done for your Elk River home. Our expert Elk River electricians are fully qualified to inspect your electrical systems for issues that need attention. Our inspections give you all you need to know about your electrical system including the need for panel upgrades, rewiring, repairs, and more.

Cheetah Electric is the Moscow, Pullman area favored electricians, offering expert services and quality workmanship. We’ve helped many of your neighbors with expert electrical inspections in Elk River. When you need services you can be sure are professional and comprehensive, go to Cheetah Electric!

If you need a full service Electrician or Electrical Contractor in Elk River, please call 208-883-1099 or complete our online request form.


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